Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dolls For HUGS

In talking with my daughter I think what she has in mind is making these babies from Muslin fabric in different skin colors then letting the children use Crayons to add faces and hair styles to their own doll giving them an activity to do while in the hospital. Maybe even a Raggedy Ann type doll .So basically all you will do it cut out the fabric , sew , stuff , close the body and mail all your babies to her.
All the names of contributing Doll Makers are put in our local newspaper and on a note inside the bag with each gift. An easy way to give smiles and a gift to a sick child. She was hoping to include a Childrens Burn Center this year but we don't have the helpers this year to be able to do that. Hopefully that HUGS will grow and be able to touch many more little lives.
She also needs small Fleece blankets 18x18 inch and any Crocheted or Knitted caps in Preemee sizes for these babies.
The parents I have talked to during this year that had a child in the hospital and received one of our babies and bears were eternally grateful and told us how special this was to them. Any questions just email me or my daughter's email can be found on her My Space HUGS page. The free patterns can be found on the post before this one. The final pattern will be announced once it is approved by the Hospital.

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